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We believe that information is an essential resource.

We value privacy, community, and sustainability.

We believe that we can work together to create a better world.

We are TRUiC.

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Our Story

Formally known as The Really Useful Information Company, TRUiC is a team of entrepreneurs, technologists, and creatives dedicated to facilitating positive change. Our website HowToStartAnLLC.com is one of the ways we share accessible and actionable information, specifically in the realm of business formation.

Our business resources, guides, tools, and content are all completely free. Our founder and CEO, “Bobby” Nagabushanam Peddi, realized early in his entrepreneurial journey that in order for information to be most useful, it has to be universally available and easy to understand. We created a business model with this principle in mind, where everyone involved- our users, our partners, and our own company- can benefit.

We understand the transformative power of successful business and the strength of community-building. Our own company has now grown to 45 employees. To date we have helped over 300,000 Americans start their business, as well as thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Our tools, resources, and affiliate network are optimized to give you the best chances of success. We hope to encourage sustainability, diversity, and abundance for everyone, starting with our own work culture.

We continue to grow TRUiC, evolving our knowledge-base and tools, while expanding into other resources and industries. We hope you join us in our adventure, and wish you the best of luck in starting your own business!

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