Wix Website Builder Review

Ranking in the top three of TRUiC’s Best Website Builder 2022 guide, the Wix website builder is popular among small business owners and LLC members. Over the past few years, Wix has continued to grow and improve the web building tools it provides.

In this Wix review we will discuss the pros and cons of Wix, the pricing and plans offered, and what type of business would benefit most from using Wix to build and host their professional website.

Learn what you’ll need to run a successful site by reading our How to Make a Website article.

Wix: A True Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

Although Wix does have a few weaknesses, it offers a very good website builder. Among all the available drag-and-drop builders, Wix takes this functionality literally. You can drag text, pictures, and sections around and they’ll stay in the exact place you leave them when you publish your site. You don’t have to worry about playing around with margins or padding with Wix.

4.3/5   four point three out of five

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Wix Website Builder Review - Summary


  • It’s very easy to use.
  • It delivers true drag-and-drop functionality. 
  • It provides more than 800 templates. 
  • It includes membership, ecommerce, and online appointment booking capabilities. 
  • It offers a free version.


  • Wix hosts all sites created using its website builder, and it doesn’t always provide the fastest option.
  • Compared to other website builders, it’s more limited when it comes to creating a website that will display correctly on devices of all kinds.

Compared To Other Website Builders

The Wix Website builder ranks 3rd in TRUiC’s Best Website Builder 2022 guide.

Overall, the Wix website builder provides a really great tool. It’s a designer's dream because you can easily drag and drop elements wherever you want them on a web page without having to play around with slider bars to position text and images. It’s also highly intuitive so just about anyone can start designing their site without a huge learning curve.

When compared to other website development tools like WordPress, Wix is easier to use. But, it has more limited capabilities. While Wix can’t compete with a custom-developed website, it does allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to create professional sites without sacrificing too much across the board.

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Wix Pricing

Wix’s pricing can seem a little bit confusing because the company offers multiple plans within two categories: Website Plans and Business & Ecommerce Plans. The main difference between these two categories is that Business & Ecommerce Plans allow you to accept online payments through your site. 

While Wix may cost a bit more than some options, its pricing remains competitive with other leading website builders. Whether you build a site using WordPress, Squarespace, GoDaddy, or another tool, expect to pay between $8 and $45 per month for your website plan.

Every Wix plan includes a free domain for a year, which saves you roughly $15. Most of its plans also include a $300 credit you can apply to advertising on Google and Microsoft Bing — a great feature if you plan to run ads for your business.

Wix Website Plans

Screenshot of Wix's paid plan comparative features table highlighting Pro as the best value option

Note: As with most website builder pricing tiers, the prices shown reflect the “monthly price” when you choose annually billing. If you choose monthly billing, then prices may be higher than shown.

Wix Combo Plan - $14/Month

At $14 per month, the Combo plan represents the lowest-priced option Wix offers for its website builder.

Despite its low cost, this plan includes several built-in features:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate: In an internet browser bar, your site’s web address will start with “https” instead of “http” to indicate it’s protected with this important security feature. This certificate also will support your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.
  • Custom Domain: Your website’s address, also known as a URL, will reflect a domain you purchased without including any Wix branding.
  • Free Domain for One Year: Wix covers the cost of your domain for the first year, which will save you roughly $15.
  • 3 GB of Storage Space: This plan allows you to store upto 3 GB of data on your website — a sufficient amount for fairly simple sites with just four or five pages. If you plan to feature large, multimedia files on your site, though, the Unlimited plan provides a better option.
  • 30 Minutes of Video: With this plan, your website can contain up to 30 minutes of video hosted by Wix. This excludes any videos embedded on your site via YouTube or Vimeo.
  • 24/7 Support: The Combo plan includes 24/7 customer care from Wix experts to help you with any issues you may encounter with your website.
  • Wix Mobile App: Every Wix plan comes with access to Wix’s mobile app, which allows you to edit your website on the go, respond to customers via live chat, write and share blog posts, and view website analytics.

Who Is the Combo Plan Best For?

The Wix Combo plan will suit any entrepreneur, blogger, freelancer, or business owner who wants to start a website, but doesn’t need any extravagant features. Choose a different option, though, if you need to accept online payments or expect to house lots of data on your website.

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Wix Combo Plan

Get building a basic website with the Wix Combo Plan starting at $14 per month, click the button below to begin!


Wix Unlimited Plan - $18/Month

For an extra $4 per month, the Wix Unlimited plan gives you all of the features of the Combo plan plus more storage space and more tools for your website. Specifically, it includes:

  • 10 GB of Storage Space and One Hour of Video: A step up from the Combo plan, this plan provides an additional 7 GB of storage space and an extra 30 minutes of video hosted by Wix. If you expect to store lots of data on your site, this makes a great option for just $4 per month more.
  • Website Analytics: The Unlimited plan also gives you access to powerful analytics that will enable you to improve your website’s performance. With this data, you can see where site visitors come from, how long they stay on your site, and if they return. This feature alone is probably worth the extra $4 per month.
  • $300 Ad Credit: This plan also comes with a $300 credit you can apply to advertising on both Google and Microsoft Bing. If you plan to run ads for your business, you might as well upgrade to the Unlimited plan for the first year because it’ll pay for itself.
  • Site Booster App: Another key feature included with the Unlimited plan is one year of free access to the Site Booster App (a $60 value). This third-party app automatically lists your business in different places online, enhancing your site’s SEO and boosting its traffic volume.

Overall, the Wix Unlimited plan adds a lot of value to the already powerful Combo plan. For only an additional $4 per month, you receive a $3oo ad credit, website analytics, more storage, and the Site Booster app. Unless you have a very tight budget, it’s likely worth the extra $4 per month to upgrade to the Unlimited plan — especially because the ad credit and the SiteBooster app could both provide a strong return on the investment.

Who Is the Unlimited Plan Best For?

We recommend this plan for most small businesses — except those that take appointments as a part of their daily operations. The ratio of features to price really maximizes the value you get from your website builder experience.

Even if you’ve never built a website before, Wix enables you to get your site up and running very quickly. It also provides the tools you’ll need to grow the marketing side of your site in the future. We love the Wix Unlimited plan.

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Wix Unlimited Plan

We recommend this plan for most small businesses. The Wix Unlimited Plan starts at $18 per month and comes with necessary features to make your business website shine!


Wix Pro Plan - $23/Month

For $23 per month, the Wix Pro Plan offers all the benefits of the Unlimited Plan plus some additional features. However, this plan costs the same as Wix’s Business Basic plan — a package with even more features. If you want to upgrade to the Pro plan for its online booking platform, the Business Basic plan provides a smarter choice for the same price.

The Wix Pro plan offers three main features in addition to those found in the Wix Unlimited plan:

  • Calendar App: With the Wix Pro plan, you gain one year of free access to a third-party calendar app.

Note: If you want to upgrade to the Pro plan to support online booking, Wix’s Business Basic plan provides a better option because it comes with a full-fledged online booking platform instead of a third-party calendar app.

  • Wix Logo Maker: This plan also gives you access to Wix’s logo maker — a tool that generates logos for your business based on information you provide. This is the only feature that really sets this plan apart from the Business Basic plan, which isn’t a big deal because you can find other free options like our own free logo maker.

Check out TRUiC’s logo maker. It is 100% free!

  • 20 GB of Storage Space and Two Hours of Video: The Pro plan doubles the amount of storage space and hosted video time you get when compared to the Unlimited plan. But, for the same price, Wix’s Business Basic plan offers 20 GB of storage space and five video hours.

Who Is the Pro Plan Best For?

If you want something beyond the Unlimited plan, you’ll get a bigger bang for your buck by choosing the Business Basic plan. Why? It has all of the same features as the Pro plan, except for the logo maker, and provides a much better online booking experience, ecommerce capabilities, and more storage.

Unless you’re absolutely set on using Wix’s logo maker (our logo maker is free), the Business Basic plan provides a better option for the same price of $23 per month.

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Wix Pro Plan

It's not for everyone, but this plan might be for you. Starting at $23 per month, see what the Wix Pro Plan can offer you and your business.


Wix VIP Plan - $39/Month

For $39 per month, the Wix VIP Plan offers all the same benefits as the Pro plan plus increased storage space and priority customer support.

The Wix VIP plan offers two main features in addition to those found in the Wix Pro plan:

  • Priority Support: As the name suggests, the VIP plan comes with priority customer support from Wix experts. We dug around quite a bit to figure out exactly what “priority support” means. Based on our research, it looks like any support tickets you submit would automatically go to the front of the line.
  • 35 GB of Storage Space and Five Hours of Video: The VIP plan nearly doubles the amount of storage space you get when compared to the Pro plan while supporting five hours of hosting video time. But, don’t upgrade to the VIP plan just for the extra storage space because you can get the same amount of storage with the Business Unlimited plan for only $27 per month.

Overall, the Wix VIP plan costs $16 per month more than the Pro plan, enables you to receive priority support, and nearly doubles the storage space of the Pro plan. But, in our opinion, the VIP plan isn’t worth the extra money.

The 24/7 support Wix includes in its other plans is quite good, and it offers a wide range of resources to help you fix any problem you encounter. Not only that, because Wix has been around for so long, you can find tons of video tutorials on YouTube that often will work better than consulting with Wix support.

Who Is the VIP Plan Best For?

The Wix VIP plan suits those seeking priority support. If you see yourself needing lots of help and support, then the VIP plan might make an ideal choice for you. If you only want to upgrade to the VIP plan for its additional storage space, purchase the Business Unlimited plan instead because it offers the same amount of storage at a lower price ($27 per month.)

For a deeper look at each pricing tier, check out our page on Wix Pricing.

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Wix VIP Plan

For $39 per month, the Wix VIP Plan can offer you quite a bit. Click the button below to check it out for yourself.


Wix Business and Ecommerce Plans

Screenshot of Wix's paid plan comparative features table highlighting Business Unlimited as the most popular option

Screenshot of Wix's paid plan comparative features table

Wix Business Basic Plan - $23/Month

The Wix Business Basic plan — the bottom tier within its Business & Ecommerce Plans — comes with a surprising amount of value for the price. For the same monthly cost as the Wix Pro plan, you get an improved online booking platform, ecommerce capabilities, and more.

This plan’s key feature include:

  • Unlimited Product Listings: This plan enables you to list and sell both physical and digital products directly from your website. If you have an existing web store, you also can import products by using a comma-separated values (CSV) file or a few other connections to simplify the migration process.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: This very handy feature allows you to send an automated email to customers who abandon their carts in your online store. You can set this up pretty quickly as well because Wix provides email templates for these notifications.
  • Flexible Payments: While Wix has its own payment processing platform that charges 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction, that’s virtually the same amount you’ll pay when using other payment processing platforms. Wix also gives you the option to use many of the big-name processors out there like Square, Stripe, and PayPal. If you opt to use another payment processor on your Wix site, Wix won’t charge an additional transaction fee on items sold.
  • Online Booking Platform: Unlike what Wix includes with its Pro and VIP plans, the Business Basic plan provides a full-fledged online booking platform. You can accept payments, list unlimited services, send short message service (SMS) notifications, sync calendars, and add staff hours.

The Business Basic plan is one of Wix’s best value plans. For just $23 per month, you get a full-fledged ecommerce platform, an improved online booking experience, and the ability to accept online payments.

What makes this package so compelling is that it costs exactly the same as Wix’s Pro plan while providing so much more for your money.

Who Is the Business Basic Plan Best For?

The Business Basic plan suits small businesses and entrepreneurs that want to start accepting online payments or need a more robust, online booking platform.

If your business is first and foremost an online store, you can certainly find better options like Shopify. But, the Wix Business Basic plan will do the trick for small operations and businesses seeking the simplest solution to launch a website.

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Wix Basic Plan

We love the Wix Basic Plan! It offers most everything a small business owner would need to get started accepting online payments and booking appointments. Get started for just $23 per month.


Wix Business Unlimited Plan - $27/Month

The Wix Business Unlimited plan is built for ecommerce businesses seeking to do more with Wix. On top of what’s included with the Business Basic plan, this plan also provides the following features:

  • Social and Marketplace Selling: If you wish to sell your products on some of the more popular marketplaces (think Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.), this nifty feature allows you to connect your product listings to these marketplaces and manage everything right in your Wix dashboard. These connections will automatically track your inventory so you don’t accidentally sell the same item twice on two different platforms. For sellers with few or no employees, this feature will let you act like a big seller without requiring tons of time to manage.
  • Subscriptions: With the Business Unlimited plan, you can create subscriptions to bill customers on a monthly basis.
  • Multiple Currencies: This plan also allows you to display your prices in the native currency of those viewing your site.
  • Automated Sales Tax Calculations: This handy feature automatically calculates sales tax in the United States, Canada, and most other of the countries in the world. The Business Unlimited plan includes sales tax calculations for up to 100 transactions per month.
  • U.S. Postal Service Discounts: With the Business Unlimited plan, you can receive up to 60 percent off shipping rates through the Postal Service.
  • Kudobuzz Reviews App: This plan also includes access to the third-party Kudobuzz reviews app, which allows you to collect reviews for individual products on your website. This is a great way to build trust on your website, and the Business Unlimited plan includes up to 1,000 reviews for free.
  • Modalyst Drop-Shipping App: You also gain access to another third-party app called Modalyst, which allows you to drop-ship products from Modaylist on your website. This allows you to sell all the items you want without having to worry about managing inventory. With the Business Unlimited plan, you can list up to 250 products from Modalyst.
  • 35 GB of Storage Space: This plan nearly doubles your amount of storage space to 35 GB when compared to the Business Basic plan while also supporting 10 hours of hosted video time.

Who Is the Business Unlimited Plan Best For?

While the Business Basic plan provides all the core features you’ll need to start and run an ecommerce website, the Business Unlimited plan adds a handful of features that can help you expand your online store and save money.

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Wix Business Unlimited Plan

The Business Unlimited plan makes a great option for new or growing ecommerce sites. For just $27 per month this plan also provides the opportunity to grow your business by selling on other marketplaces. Click the button below to get started.


Wix Business VIP Plan - $49/Month

At $49 per month, the Business VIP plan is Wix’s most expensive plan. On top of everything included in Wix’s other plans, the Business VIP plan provides priority support, more storage space, custom reports, and access to the Smile.io loyalty program, among other features. 

  • Priority Support: As the name suggests, the Business VIP plan comes with priority customer support from Wix experts. We dug around quite a bit to figure out exactly what “priority support” means. Based on our research, it looks like any support tickets you submit would automatically go to the front of the line. 
  • 50 GB of Storage Space: This plan comes with the largest amount of storage space offered by any Wix plan: 50 GB. You also get unlimited video hours hosted by Wix, which is great if you plan to run a website that stores lots of video. 
  • Custom Reports: Another key feature included in the Business VIP plan is access to custom reporting. Each month, you can create customized charts and graphs from the data Wix collects about your website to gain insights that’ll help you enhance your site and drive business growth. 
  • Smile.io Loyalty Program: Access to Smile.io, which allows you to create loyalty programs for your customers, only comes with the Wix Business VIP plan.
  • More Automated Sales Tax Calculations: This handy feature automatically calculates sales tax through a partnership with tax software company Avalara. The Business VIP plan includes sales tax calculations for up to 500 transactions per month, which would cost $95 a year if you work directly with Avalara. While Wix doesn’t specify what happens if you exceed your 500-transaction limit, we assume you’d have to pay more for the increased usage. 
  • Higher U.S. Postal Service Discounts: With the Business VIP plan, you can receive up to 70 percent off shipping rates through the Postal Service.

As Wix's most comprehensive package, the Business VIP plan includes all the features included in the company’s other plans plus priority support, greater storage space, and more. All that comes at a price, though, with this plan tipping the scales at $49 per month.

Who Is the Business VIP Plan Best For?

The Business VIP plan suits larger ecommerce sites that need a lot of support and can’t afford to wait in line. That priority support represents the biggest benefit of this plan, which can make it worth the extra cost for some ecommerce businesses.

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Wix Business VIP Plan

The Business VIP plan suits larger ecommerce sites that need a lot of support and can’t afford to wait in line. That priority support represents the biggest benefit of this plan, which can make it worth the extra cost for some ecommerce businesses. Get started for $49 per month.


Wix Free Plan - $0/Month

Wix does offer a free version, which means you can start using Wix right away to get the hang of its website builder. While this free plan enables you to play around with the website editor and see if Wix is right for you, we don’t recommend using this as a way to run your business website for free.

The free plan is severely limited in two ways:

  • It Requires Wix Ads and Branding. When you build a website using Wix’s free plan, Wix will display its ads all over your site. This tells the whole world you used Wix to build your site, which can make your site look less professional.
  • It Doesn’t Allow Custom Domains. Users of the free option also can’t connect their websites to a custom domain. This means your site’s URL can’t appear as “mybusiness.com” and will instead show up as “mybusiness.wixsite.com.”

We don’t recommend the Wix free plan to anyone who wants to create a legitimate business website. We instead recommend you get a custom domain for your business as soon as possible so Google can index your site. When it comes to SEO, Google checks how long your website has been around. That means the sooner you get a domain, the better.

But, the Wix Free plan does provide a great way to try out different templates to see if you like them. Because Wix doesn’t allow you to change website themes once you purchase a plan, it’s often wise to create a few free sites first to test out different templates. Once you find a template you like, you can then pull the trigger on a paid plan to get started.

Who Is the Free Plan Best For?

This plan will suit anyone looking to try Wix out or test a few different templates before purchasing a plan and building their website.

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Wix Free Plan

If you’re on the fence about Wix, this plan works as a free trial without a time limit. Test the editor out all you want and then upgrade to a paid plan when you’re ready.


How Simple Is the Wix Website Builder?

Wix is probably one of the most simple website builders available. It’s so easy to use, you can have a working site within minutes of signing up. Wix has more than 800 premade templates, and, if you don’t like something on a template, it’s easy to change or move it around.

The sign-up process also makes it very easy to get started. You’ll answer a series of questions about your website, and then Wix will suggest a number of templates related to your business.

From there, you can start designing. You can change just about everything on a Wix template from the images, colors, and organization to the position of every element down to the pixel.

Simplicity and flexibility represent Wix’s key strengths. Wix not only created a tool that’s very easy to use, but also doesn’t handcuff you to premade templates. Wix enables entrepreneurs with no technical experience to create a website they love.

Wix’s exceptional simplicity and flexibility do come at a cost, though. While Wix offers some amazing features, it also has a few drawbacks that we’ll cover later.

Getting Started

You have two options to get started with Wix: 

Let the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) tool create a website for you.
Create a website using the Wix standard editor, starting with a template.

Screenshot of Wix's choose how you want to create your website call to action

Option 1: Use the Wix ADI Tool

If you choose this option, you’ll answer a series of questions and then the Wix ADI tool will automatically design a site for you based on the information you provide. Basically, this tool pulls content from a library of draft content, places it on top of a premade template, and adds your business name.

Once you receive your draft site, you can then start editing it with a basic editor provided by Wix. But, the basic editor can prove challenging to use and doesn’t let you customize your site as much as Wix’s standard editor does. If you choose to start building your site with the Wix ADI tool, we recommend switching to the Wix standard editor by simply clicking “Site” at the top of the page and then clicking “Go To Editor.”

The ADI tool and basic editor will get you closer to a finished website because it allows you to select the pages you want to include in your site and then use premade templates for each page. But, one of the cons of the ADI tool and basic editor is that you’ll have a fairly limited set of options when choosing different designs. When you create your homepage design, for example, you only have three options from which to choose. This might frustrate anyone looking for a wide variety of templates and designs.

Option 2: Choose a Template and Use the Standard Editor

Your second option involves choosing a template you like and then customizing it, using the Wix standard editor. Wix does an outstanding job of providing a wide selection of templates, with more than 800 different options available.

Wix also organizes its templates into different categories, making it easy to find a template that meets your specific needs. This option tends to work best for most people because it’ll get them closer to their dream site than the first option.

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TRUiC Exclusive

For more details on how to use this builder, check out these articles:

Using the Standard Wix Editor

Because it’s a visual editor, the standard Wix editor is very easy to learn and use. To edit an object, you can click on it to resize it, change its formatting, adjust its position, and more. Read on for an in-depth look at the features of the Wix editor.

Screenshot of Wix's website editing tools

Adding Elements To Your Site 

Adding elements to your site is easy. You simply click the “+” button on the left side of the editor, which opens a drop-down menu of hundreds of elements. You can add text, images, buttons, boxes, strips, and more. Once you find an element you want to add, simply drag it onto the page and position that element where you want it to appear. 

Screenshot of Wix's website editing tool bar with button designs

It’s also extremely easy to change the position of elements on your site. Simply click on an element and then drag it up, to the left, to the right, or to wherever you want it to appear. You can even change the size of individual elements by clicking and dragging the buttons on the outside of the element. This may seem like a small feature, but it’s one offered by very few website builders. To change the position and location of text using most other website builders, for example, you must fiddle with margin and padding sliders to reposition your text.

The Wix builder acts like a canvas. You drag and drop elements onto it and they stay in that position when you publish your site. Like it or not, this is an area in which Wix excels.

Editing Text

Changing text is as simple as clicking on the text in your page builder and then editing it, as desired.

 Screenshot of Wix's website text editing tool

If you want to change the formatting of your text, just click the “Edit Text” button to open up the text settings. From this pop-up menu, you can edit the font, text size and color, and even SEO settings.

Adding New Pages

In addition to adding elements to your site’s existing pages, you also can add new pages. The initial pages included in your site template provide a great starting point, but nearly all sites need a few other types of pages like privacy policy and events pages.

To see a list of pages all sites need, check out our How To Build a Website article.

Adding a page is as simple as clicking on the “menus and pages” icon at the top right and then clicking the “+ Add Page” button at the bottom of the dropdown menu. You can then name that new page and begin customizing it by adding any desired elements.

Screenshot of Wix's site menu editing side bar

Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly 

Because people increasingly use mobile devices to search the web, your website must look good on all device screens. Wix provides a simple — albeit limited — way to address this need.

Screenshot of Wix's mobile website editing feature

To edit how your site appears on mobile devices, click the phone icon at the top of the Wix editor. This will show you how your site looks on mobile devices. You can then edit the layout to ensure it looks good, such as by hiding elements, changing font sizes, and adjusting the locations and sizing of specific elements. 

A Note on Responsive Design with Wix: While Wix does allow you to create mobile-friendly sites, this platform has more limitations than others when it comes to making a truly responsive website — one that scales to fit devices of any size. One potentially frustrating aspect of using Wix is that it recommends you keep your core elements within the dotted lines on the sides of the editor, which can feel like you’re leaving so much space unused. 

This is the cost of Wix’s truly drag-and-drop website builder. While other website builders can feel more restrictive when it comes to positioning elements on each page, the structure they provide ensures you create a truly responsive site. 

You can still accomplish an awful lot with Wix and build a website that looks good on almost every device. But, it’s much harder to create a truly responsive site within Wix.

Tasks More Difficult Than They Should Be

We spent quite a bit of time looking for tasks that either seem difficult with this website builder or that it just doesn’t offer. Here’s what we found:

  • You Can’t Add Mobile-Only Elements. To optimize your site’s appearance on mobile devices, you may sometimes want to have an element or section that only appears on mobile devices. Here’s the problem: Wix only allows you to hide elements that appear  on the mobile version site. There’s no option to hide elements that appear on the desktop version. 
    You can work around this by adding specific elements to your site and then hiding them behind other sections or images. But, having a “hide on desktop” button would make this much easier. 
  • You Can’t Switch Themes After Building Your Website. This is probably one of Wix’s most frustrating features. Once you choose a theme, you can’t switch to a different one unless you start all over and transfer everything to a new site with a new theme — a huge hassle that often isn’t worth the time. 
    Luckily, Wix’s easy-to-use website builder enables you to edit any theme to mirror other themes without coding. But, it’s still frustrating that Wix won’t allow you to switch themes at any time.

Wix Flexibility & Expandability

We define flexibility and expandability as the answer to this question: Can this website builder effectively grow alongside your business’s and website’s needs over time?

Because the needs of every business and website will differ, we find the simplest way to rate a tool in this category is to compare it to the gold standard of website development tools: WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source tool that powers more than 30 percent of the world’s websites. Based on its massive plug-in (third-party add-ons) market and extensive community support/paid support options, you can build just about anything within WordPress — as long as you know what you’re doing or are willing to pay someone who does. 

With that in mind, we’ll assume WordPress is “100 percent flexible and expandable” and that every other website builder tool falls somewhere below that mark.

Included Tools

Because Wix has been around for a while, it has a wide variety of tools you can implement on your site. While it doesn’t have as many tools and plug-ins as WordPress, Wix still provides a lot of options to create the functionality you need. 

Wix allows third parties to create apps for its platform, which you can purchase to give your website additional functionality. Wix also allows you to edit your site’s code and embed new code in your website to expand its functionality. 

Overall, Wix provides a flexible tool that’ll meet the needs of most small or medium-sized businesses. But, Wix may fall short if your business has more complex needs. 

Here are some of the tools you can find within most of the Wix website builder plans: 

  • A custom ecommerce platform
  • Custom theme fonts and colors that you change with the click of a button 
  • Lightbox pop-up windows
  • Online payment tools (e.g., Wix Payments, Stripe, PayPal, and more)
  • SEO wizard tools to help you improve your site’s SEO
  • Site history tools that save all the changes you make to your site so you can revert back to an older version at any time 
  • Widgets for embedding images, videos, and hypertext markup language (HTML) files 
  • Online booking tools that allow your site to accept appointments, send reminders, etc.
  • On-site chat functionality
  • The Wix app — great for communicating with site visitors and manage your site
  • Blogging tools 
  • Online ordering tools — great for restaurants
  • Membership page tools for creating pages only site members may view
  • Statistics and analytics tools that provide insights on your site’s performance
  • Email marketing tools, which allow you to send newsletters from your Wix dashboard 
  • The Wix Video Maker, which enables you to create and edit custom videos for your business
  • Wix automation tools that support automated SMS and email campaigns 
  • Custom coupon tools, which enable you to create custom coupon codes and promotions that offer visitors a discount
  • Marketing integrations that allow you to connect Facebook pixels and Google Conversion tracking, among other tools, to your site
  • Custom form tools

If your business relies heavily on any of the features listed above, then the Wix website builder will suit your needs quite well. But, this isn’t an exhaustive list. If a feature you need isn’t listed here, that doesn’t mean Wix won’t work well for you.

Apps and Plug-Ins

Wix has a wide variety of additional apps you can use on your website to help fill any feature or functionality gaps. While its app library isn’t as large as that of WordPress, Wix does have more than 300 apps within its app store. 

If you can’t find a feature you need in the Wix website builder, look for a pre-built app that might meet your needs in the Wix app store. But, because Wix has a smaller customer base than WordPress, you likely will find fewer options available. It’s not uncommon, for example, to find just one or two apps that can fix a specific problem on a Wix site and both have poor reviews. 

Because WordPress has such a large customer base, developers spend much more time building apps that work well on its platform. If Wix lacks a built-in feature to accomplish a specific task you need, don’t count on finding an app to handle it perfectly.

Flexibility & Expandability Summary

Overall, Wix sits in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to flexibility and expandability. While Wix does allow third parties to create apps that work well on its platform, Wix’s app market is much more limited than that of WordPress. 

Wix also doesn’t let you host your own website using a web host of your choice — something WordPress does allow. This hurt’s Wix’s flexibility score quite a bit because businesses often reach a point in their growth when they need to upgrade their web hosting and switch providers. This means Wix will work for most small businesses, but it can fall short as businesses expand and need their websites to grow with them. 

So to bring it back to our WordPress comparison; we give the Wix website builder a solid 80%.

To see the flexibility of the websites that are on this builder, check out our article: Wix Website Examples


SEO is the science — or, arguably, the art — of getting your website’s pages to rank higher on search engines like Google.

SEO is a huge topic, so we won’t go into the nitty-gritty here. Our goal is to give you data on how the Wix website builder SEO performs out of the box.

Basic SEO Features

You can easily quantify the most basic SEO features in a “does this tool have it or not” manner. For those features, here’s a handy table:

Basic SEO Features and Functionality
Meta Title Yes
Meta Description Yes
Canonical Tags (rel=canonical) Yes
Responsive Design Yes
SSL Certificate (https) Yes
Extensible Markup Language (XML) Sitemap Yes
Robots.txt Yes
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)/2 No
Heading Control Yes
Google Analytics Integration Yes
Facebook Pixel Integration Yes

Web.dev Score

Web.dev is a tool created by Google to measure the performance of a specific web page across four different categories: performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

It’s one of the main resources that many search engine optimizers, developers, and marketers use to ensure their websites perform at the desired levels.

For more information about the tool, check out Web.dev.

To test the Wix website builder, we tested the homepage URL of a website built on Wix and reviewed the results:

Screenshot of Wix's website development performance overview

As you can see, the site scored quite well in all but two categories: performance and best practices.

Some folks will choose to do much more research on this topic, but we’ll stick to the basics for this review.

In the categories of accessibility and SEO, the Wix website builder seems to hit all of the right marks! The score in the best practices section may have more to do with this individual site than Wix, though, because we tested a number of other sites built on Wix and many scored well in terms of best practices.  

The consistent weak point, however, was performance. Of all the Wix sites we tested, none scored in the green in the performance section. 

In this test, performance essentially equates to page speed. The results here show Wix does fairly well, but there’s room for improvement. Most websites score between 50 and 80 on the performance scale, so 61 is actually quite acceptable.

Despite the acceptability of this performance score, this area represents a big weakness for Wix. You can certainly do a few things on your end to speed up your website, such as compressing large image files and deleting unused content, but most of this falls on Wix. With other website builders like WordPress, you have many more ways to speed up your website — from upgrading your web hosting plan to changing web hosting providers. 

Because Wix will require you to use its web hosting services, you're kind of stuck with what you get in terms of site speed and performance. 

If you want an ultrafast website, you can definitely find some better tools. But, Wix will do just fine if you, like many people, simply need a site up and running that represents your brand well.

Wix Website Builder SEO Summary

Overall, Wix sits in the middle in terms of SEO capabilities. It has almost all of the features you need to perform basic SEO. Wix also provides easy-to-follow checklists inside its website builder that’ll walk you through the basics of SEO. 

If your business relies solely on search engine traffic to survive, then Wix probably isn’t for you. But, Wix will work well if you’re new to SEO and want something to help you get started.

Wix Ecommerce

The Wix website builder does offer multiple, viable ecommerce plans (see more details above).

This review focuses on the website builder part of the tool, not the ecommerce part. We’ll create a separate review specifically focused on the ecommerce portion in due time.

Wix Support

A strong support team is a must — especially for those new to creating websites or running an online business.

Wix makes its support options available to you at all points with one click. Just tap “Help” at the top of the screen.

Screenshot of Wix's website editing overview and help hover

The Wix Help section includes many resources that can prove very useful to anyone who hasn’t built a website before. It has a library of step-by-step videos and tutorials as well as an editor help center with plenty of FAQ articles. Wix also provides 24/7 phone support if you can’t find what you need in this section. 

In terms of live support, Wix seems to have a subpar reputation based on our research. Like most large companies, Wix locates its customer service and support overseas so the person assisting you often won’t speak English as their first language. 

Wix has an average rating of 1.5 on Trustpilot, which isn’t a pretty number. To be fair, though, this rating stems from only 2,000 Wix reviews on Trustpilot while Wix hosts more than 400,000 live websites. People satisfied with Wix may be less likely to review the company. 

We tested Wix’s live chat feature and submitted a request for help on our website. We received a call back from Wix within 15 minutes — a pretty good response time considering we made the request at 11:30 p.m. 

Wix offers two plans that boast “priority support” so we tried to determine if the priority support was any better than Wix’s standard 24/7 customer care. Based on our research, the Wix plans that include priority support allow you to skip the line and receive support faster than others. 

Overall, Wix provides fairly limited support. You’ll often do better trying to figure things out on your own, using Wix’s videos and help articles.

Wix Alternatives

If you’re still unsure whether or not the Wix website builder is right for you, check out some of our other reviews to see if there’s a tool that will better suit your needs.

To see a comparison of all of these website builders, check out TRUiC’s Best Website Builder 2022 guide.

Wix Review - Conclusion

After using Wix for a while, we found it to be a great website builder. It’s a simple, easy-to-use tool that enables anyone to create a website without a huge learning curve. 

While Wix has many features and can accommodate a large variety of businesses needs, it’s definitely built for small to medium-sized businesses. Wix doesn’t allow for the same level of customization and precision you get from other website builders like WordPress. It also falls a bit short for anyone looking to optimize their site’s performance. 

Overall, Wix does a great job of catering to its target market of small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to do it themselves and feel comfortable sacrificing a bit of quality to gain complete control of their website.

Who Should Use This Tool?

  • Small businesses
  • Coaches and consultants
  • Freelancers
  • Photographers
  • Restaurants
  • Real estate agents
  • Emerging or new businesses

Who Shouldn’t Use This Tool?

  • Large businesses
  • Large ecommerce stores
  • Businesses with complex needs
  • SEO-focused businesses

Try It For Yourself

Wix has many features and can accommodate many different types of businesses. If you think Wix is right for you go ahead and give it a try.

Visit Wix

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